ClereStory Works

Healing stories for a life of thriving

ClereStory (pronounced CLEAR-STORY)

In architecture, the clerestory is the highest level of a wall containing windows above eye level that let in light. In the clerestory workshops, programs, and trips we take a high level look at your life and shine new light on the pivotal stories that have shaped who you believe you are meant to be in the world. Join us and learn how your life story produced your present and can propel your future.

Seminar Testimonials

The workshop really spoke to me when the presenter talked about people who are hurting and get bullied. I’ve been bullied ever since I was little because I was overweight and it got to the point where I stopped eating. To this day I don’t think my parents know about what happened. Clerestory taught me what it will take to heal and love myself. It really touched my soul.


I have never been able to love myself even though I don’t have a problem when it comes to loving others. Clerestory helped me realize that I am worthy of love. After years of being told that I wasn’t good enough, pretty enough, or smart enough and believing what others said about me, I finally have the confidence to say that I AM enough and I am LOVED!


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