Clarify | Confront | Create | Construct

The ClereVision Seminar is a life-changing day of discovery where you discover the principles necessary to clarify your vision and create a plan of action to achieve it. Romal Tune and his team inspire and guide you to rapidly process the “Complex Story” that has shaped your present, and develop a “ClereStory” of a preferred individual or corporate future. This workshop immerses you in a dynamic environment of practical presentations and strategic small group sessions designed to infuse every aspect of your life with a clear sense of direction and meaning.

ClereStory (pronounced CLEAR-STORY)

In architecture, the clerestory is the highest level of a wall containing windows above eye level that let in light. In the clerestory workshops, programs, and trips we take a high level look at your life and shine new light on the pivotal stories that have shaped who you believe you are meant to be in the world. Join us and learn how your life story produced your present and can propel your future.

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