What We Do

Clerestory Workshops And Seminars Help You To:


your story in order to overcome life limiting beliefs


a new way forward so that you’re playing the lead in your life


a plan of action specific to your needs.

Workshop Goals:

  • Equip participants with the skills to overcome life-limiting beliefs in order to thrive

  • Teach participants how to use their life stories as sources of creativity, innovation and purpose

  • Educate participants to overcome stigmas associated with therapy

  • Provide participants with information on counseling services and access to therapists

ClereStory Financial Support Impact:

With the support of generous donors Clerestory is able to partner with like-minded non-profit organizations and provide financial assistance to programs. These include: 

  • Tuition and housing assistance
  • Stipends to assist with the cost of therapy
  • Clean water project for students in rural areas of Ghana
  • Scholarships for college students to attend a mental health retreat
  • Mentoring first time offender males to decrease recidivism
  • Financial support for leadership development of inner-city at-risk teens



Discover the principles for clarifying your life’s purpose and create an action plan. This is a dynamic day of practical presentations and strategic small group sessions.


You will be introduced to the stories of men and women who are successfully building infrastructure for financial stability in the market place and in ministry. Gain access to models of successful initiatives across the country that are building wealth creating jobs, funding small business startups, and identifying resources for community based ministry.